Are you seeing your CI hang, or random error messages like: message type 0x43 arrived from server while idle in your test log? It could all be related to a missing default setting in your Rails config.


As part of an upgrade to Rails 7.1 we started seeing various CI failures which all related to either Postgres becoming unavailable, or the test run timing out or completely random rspec errors. This was only affecting 1 particular spec file, but we could not immediately isolate the culprit.


I have started by disabling all initializers for rspec, reducing DB pool size, and kept continuing until I ended up having to disable activejob. It turns out that ActiveJob by default in test mode uses :async as its running method, which will require an active DB connection so it can cache DB schema.

OK, but what was calling activejob, as we only make use of sidekiq in the application? Well, it turns out that the root cause is that activestorage depends on activejob and in turn this lead to the following backtrace:


The solution

The solution was swapping the ActiveJob running mode to :test in the environment config file (config/environments/test.rb). By adding the below configuration it has immediately resolved all of our CI issues:

config.active_job.queue_adapter = :test

This was hinted at in this Rails issue.